BADM Templates

In the table here below the ICOSBADM templates today available are reported with the link to download them. Note that these versions are exactly the same available in the ICOS Alfresco system. For more information about the BADM system and how to fill in the template or the online tool refer to the Instruction on how to use the ICOSBADM.

The BADM uses a controlled vocabulary to identify the sensor or instrument used in the station. Since there are continuously new sensors proposed, the updated list and relative controlled vocabulary (LIST) is available in this google sheet and updated on the template periodically. The BADM Online tool is always updated.

ICOSBADM Groups included Current version
Above Ground Biomass AGB, BULKH ICOSBADM_AGB_20190705
Allometric data ALLOM ICOSBADM_Allometric_20180626
Data Record System FILE, LOGGER ICOSBADM_DataRec_20190620
Digital Hemispherical Pictures DHP ICOSBADM_DHP_20170930
Eddy Covariance System EC, ECSYS ICOSBADM_EC_20190725
Vegetation Sampling FLSM ICOSBADM_FoliarSampling_20171130
Green Area Index BULKH, CEPT, GAI ICOSBADM_GAI_20190705
Instruments Available INST ICOSBADM_Instruments_20190725
Litterfall LITTER ICOSBADM_Litter_20190507
Meteorological Measurements BM ICOSBADM_MeteoMeas_20190725
Spatial Sampling Scheme PLOT ICOSBADM_SamplingScheme_20190706
Soil Sampling SOSM ICOSBADM_SoilSampling_20170809
Species Reporting SPP ICOSBADM_SPP_20190805
Storage Flux System STO ICOSBADM_Storage_20191129
Station Team Description TEAM ICOSBADM_TeamDescr_20190321
Trees Inventory TREE ICOSBADM_Tree_20190706
Water Table and Snow Depths WTD, D_SNOW ICOSBADM_WT_SNOW_depths_20190510