Instruction on water table depth measurements

Download the last version and the previous versions of the Instruction on Water Table Depth Measurements. This Instruction is based on the following ICOS protocols:

  • Op de Beeck et al., 2015. “Protocol on Soil-Meteorological Variables Final Version v3”

and published in: under review

The Instruction document can be cited as:
Op de Beeck, M., Sabbatini, S., & Papale, D. (2017). ICOS Ecosystem Instructions for Water Table Depth Measurements (Version 20190423). ICOS Ecosystem Thematic Centre.

Instruction document history and download

Version Changes respect to the previous
Clarified that BADM info must be sent referring to WTD and that both WCP and WTD must be submitted. Changed the calibration requirements. Added instructions to submit manual measurements.
20180809 Added WTD as mandatory variable in addition to WCP in order to support the real time QA and crosscheck with BADM.
20180130 Change the sign of the Eq. 2 (the WCP term) so that WTD is negative (in agreement with the convention for sensor).
20180123 Specified the BADM template and the continuous variables to be submitted
20170704 Harmonisation of the section Submission with Instructions for Meteorological Data Format and BADM System. Added a Calculations section.
20161206 First version

doi: 10.18160/k9vq-k8d0

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