Instruction on Station team description

Download the last version and the previous versions of the Instruction on Station Team Description in the context of ICOS, focused on how to describe the station team and how this is linked to communications.


The Instruction document can be cited as:
Papale, D., Canfora, E., & Polidori, D. (2016). ICOS Ecosystem Instructions for Station Team Description (20180809). ICOS Ecosystem Thematic Centre.

Instruction document history and download

Version Changes respect to the previous
Section on Team Reporting updated to follow the BADM, where more details are available for team member description (social media, end date of collaboration, working title) and the info are divided in more variables.
20180809 Clarified that in case a team member is involved in more than one station the percentage of time dedicated to ICOS (TEAM_MEMBER_PERC_ICOS) refer to the specific station reported.
20170626 Added the ORCID as parameter. Small textual changes.
20161125 Added the explanation of which of the Team members get by default an account to submit data.
20161114 First version

doi: 10.18160/3aq1-p947

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