Instruction on eddy covariance storage flux raw data format

Download the last version and the previous versions of the Instruction on Eddy Covariance Storage Flux Raw Data Format where the characteristics of the files and required metadata are described.


The Instruction document can be cited as:
Sabbatini, S., Nicolini, G., & Papale, D. (2017). ICOS Ecosystem Instructions for Raw Data Format for Storage Measurements (Version 20191129). ICOS Ecosystem Thematic Centre.

Instruction document history and download

Version Changes respect to the previous
Clarified that non-ICOS variables will not be processed, but will be stored.
20191130 General revision of the document structure. Redefinition of the mandatory variables and related considerations. Introduction of a new variable (LEVEL_FRATE).
20190419 Added the option that a custom code can be used to prepare the files and the requirements.
20181007 Clarified the mandatory variables for the gas analysers (flow rate for CP, temperature and pressure for OP). Clarified that profile of humidity meteorological sensors is optional.
20180809 Added the options to submit concentration also as molar fraction in dry air and concentration density. Corrected typo.
20171013 Changed file name structure requiring 2 digits for logger and file ID. Clarified how to submit TIMESTAMP and missing values. Clarified the header format.
20170712 First version

doi: 10.18160/9p4f-6nwg

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