Instruction on Field-map instrument use

Download the last version and the previous versions of the Instruction on Field-Map Instrument Use in the context of ICOS, focused on how to use this tool for mapping and inventorying trees and instrumentation at forest stations. This Instruction is based on the instrument manual and the following ICOS protocols:

  • Op de Beeck et al. “Protocol soil-meteorological variables”
  • Gielen et al. “Ancillary vegetation measurements in forest”
  • Rebmann et al. “Flux-Station Site Setup including complementary measurements”


The Instruction document can be cited as:
Op de Beeck, M., & Papale, D. (2017). ICOS Ecosystem Instructions for Field-Map Instrument Use (Version 20180809). ICOS Ecosystem Thematic Centre.

Instruction document history and download

Version Changes respect to the previous
Added the tree attribute Date to report the measurement date
20180130 Clarified that non-tree data must be submitted using BADM (added variables to submit). Clarified that soil sensors must be mapped separately in each plot and added a lookup-list.
20171205 Changed the tree attribute Dendrometer from a yes/no list to a text field to enable adding the variable code DBH_H_V_R of installed automatic dendrometers.
20170906 Added the tree attribute Stump_ID to report stems that share one rooting system and added field for a free text comment on measured trees.
20170830 Added an Appendix that explains how to use the FieldMap to collect the tree information in SP-I-order plots that is requested as part of the site characterization.
20170518 Clarification that litter traps and below canopy PAR sensors only have to be mapped if installed; specification of the IDs of mapped ICOS instrumentation to be inserted in the FieldMap file (litter traps, soil meteo plots, groundwater wells, and GAI sampling points); other minor editorial changes.
20170131 First version

doi: 10.18160/ycsg-q3zq

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