European Fluxes Database Cluster


Registration to the European Fluxes Database Cluster is free and easy. It is requested to fill the following fields and submit the registration request. User and Password will be sent by email in few days and will be valid to access all the databases interfaces and request data. Access to the data will be however regulated by the data policy applied to each single dataset.

There are four different users classes: normal users that have direct access to all the public data and access after authorization by the data owner for the not open data, project PIs that have also access to the data collected in the context of specific projects independently of the access policy, site PI and site collaborators that can also upload data for the sites where they are involved.

The registration through this interface will give the status of normal user. To be included as project PI please write an email to specifying the project where you are involved as PI; to be registered as collaborator of a site please ask the site PI to add you using the PI Area tools; to be added as site PI please contact us.


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